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We have a team of qualified Psychologists with experience around a number of complex mental health issues. Our team works in collaboration with the individuals’ Allied Health support network to provide a holistic approach to the needs of our clients. We can also provide a number of assessments, diagnosis, and treatment options for a range of needs.

Support work

We currently have a team of 12 support workers who provide a wide range of supports to our participants including social support, community access, and focused skill building activities. These supports are delivered across both on-site and off-site activities, and in both 1:1 and group settings. We have access to a range of resources including a commercial kitchen, air-conditioned offices, a 40-acre rural property, in addition to being located only a short walk away from the beaches at Burnett Heads Queensland.

Unique service delivery

Our services are tailored to suit the individual and focus on providing services that align with the individual goals of our participants. Our Allied Health team works in collaboration with our Support Workers and Allied Health Assistants to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

About us

We are providing a high-quality, unique service ensuring children and adults with severe mental health challenges receive professional advice, practical guidance, and individualised support in order to live their best life. Our support focuses on the root of the problem, with the inclusion of all individual mental health factors. 

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We provide a recognised holistic service that develops self-reliance and independence, and significantly reduces anxiety over time.

Treatment is not undertaken solely in a clinic room by a professional therapist, but in a range of environments indoors and outdoors, in a beautiful 40-acre rural setting by a team operating in collaboration with the therapist. We focus on anxiety reduction with the development of coping skills through a seamless support team mechanism from psychology to practical skill building and graduated exposure to new experiences.

Our founder, Anne Skowronski, has over 30 years of experience as a teacher working with troubled children, along with over 10 years of experience as a registered Psychologist involved heavily in diagnosing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Anne has a great passion for her job as a Psychologist and a heart for the disability community in Bundaberg and seeks to play a bigger part in creating a better quality for people living with ASD through Oceanview Psychology & Support Services.


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