About Us


Delivering Indigenous & Cultural Immersion activities and promoting holistic mental health support and therapy in a rural setting under the guidance of our Indigenous Advisors and Allied Health professionals.

What we are delivering....

We are commercializing an innovative model for delivering a combination mental health therapy to help children and adults with a significant and permanent disability (including NDIS participants) achieve their goals.

Our exemplar model helps ensure the care best suited to the needs of regional Queenslanders – making a persons’ journey to health seamless, straightforward, and future-focused and building resilience, purpose and a passion for life.

We combine an accredited multidisciplinary therapeutic service and program of activities delivered in a welcoming rural setting by mental health professionals, Indigenous advisors, and allied health assistants, supporting social connectedness, recovery and maintenance of mental health.

What makes us, us....

Our combination therapy includes allied health consultations by qualified psychologists, occupational therapists and clinical nurses, aligned with innovative group programs and activities including a core program on Indigenous and cultural immersion delivered by a workforce of over 70% Indigenous-identified staff making for an authentic and credible experience

Our trial program, Boys Club: allows participants to shape, cut, paint and then use boomerangs over the course of several weeks under the guidance of an experienced Indigenous advisor. These advisors also conduct bush walks which include the identification of flora that can have multiple purposes and applications (such as soap and sandpaper).

We are now seeking to build in daily life skills training, through for example, a commercial kitchen and training café on-site. The 40-acre rural setting has significant scope to trial many more tailored services that align with participant goals – as more customers enroll in the programs, the model will be further developed and standardized such that it can be implemented at other sites.

Current customers....

Oceanview Psychology and Support Services currently has 600 participants registered in our current database. This is growing each week as awareness of our integrated model increases in the community and region.

Our successful implementation of specific activities such our test programs: Boys Club and Cultural immersion activities, have yielded an overwhelming response from the community.

Our feedback from parents and carers of our participants is extremely positive through word of mouth alone. As the NDIS is growing rapidly as a program, there is a greater need for the models such as we have developed to meet the needs of NDIS participants with significant and permanent disabilities.

Results from developing programs....

In the past 12 months we have trialed several new and exciting programs and activities that are aligned with our professional therapeutic supports. We regularly trial and discuss new products and service ideas with our client base and examples of the programs we have rolled out recently include the following:


Boys Club – Small groups of boys, in an after-school care environment, gather to enhance their capacity to make friends and socialise in a non-clinical and a non-threatening environment.

Cultural Immersion - Small groups of participants coming onto the property to experience, under the guidance of an experience indigenous adviser with the added benefit of skills-based training with the design, construction and practical application of aboriginal artifacts.

What the future holds....

In addition to professional therapeutic services in psychology and occupational therapy, we are planning to offer the opportunity for animal-assisted therapy where programs will be developed for individual and group activities that are evidence based, drawing on the many years of experience of the founder, Anne Skowronski.

Future programs and activities in the Cultural Immersion space are currently being developed by our 70% Indigenous-identified team and by drawing on their skills and experience, we are seeking to expand these activities to meet the demand from participants.

Adding to our existing technology and gaming room will allow us to educate and enhance the social skills of participants using assistive technology. This will also allow them to be able to get a feel for what is available for them to use in the home.

Looking into the longer term, Oceanview will be looking to offer emergency and short-term accommodation solutions in the form of portable non-fixed cabins. This will allow for remote, inland based participants come and experience the activities offered on site as well as in the Burnett Heads coastal community (such as being a part of Turtle season).